Monday, December 12, 2011

Vocal IP Networx Offers Free SNMP Monitoring

You’re probably used to ordering T1 lines and other bandwidth solutions. You also know that it’s up to you to know when your service is available and not available. Sometimes that’s a bit tricky because you buy the line service from one carrier, install a edge router you get from another vendor and load up the network with firewalls, servers and other devices. It’s a good thing that you are around to monitor all this 24/7. You are available 24/7 aren’t you?

SNMP monitoring offers peace of mind in knowing what's happening on the network...Large corporations have round the clock IT staffing and their own network operations centers (NOCs). Medium and smaller size companies wing it overnight and plan on dealing with issues as they arise. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get some help in monitoring your network operations without it costing you a fortune?

Vocal IP Networx, a leader in IP telephony solutions and services, may have the answer to your need. They are offering free 24/7 SNMP monitoring of every circuit and deployed customer premises equipment (CPE) supplied by Vocal IP Networx. Their state of the art NOC keeps close watch and responds to outages and potential devices failures, even before a problem manifests itself.

Here’s something even more impressive. Vocal practices what they call “open book” management, meaning that you, as a customer, have access to their monitoring system via a secure Web portal. No need to wonder what’s going on when you can log in and see for yourself anytime.

Here’s some of what Vocal IP Networx monitors: Processor load, current memory use, priority queue levels, overheating, bandwidth utilization and spikes, plus interface errors.

SNMP stands for Simple Network Management Protocol. It is an industry standard protocol defined by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). When SNMP is running on a network, there are 3 components involved. The first is the managed device, of course. That could be a router, firewall, switch, server or other network element. Agent software is installed on the managed device to gather the data and process it for presentation. At the other end of the line is Network Management System (NMS) software that queries the managed devices.

You may have hear of Vocal IP Networx as a provider of high performance hosted PBX business telephone solutions. One good reason that they enjoy a high performance reputation is that Vocal goes way beyond just providing a switching system for your SIP phones. They offer the entire solution, including private lines, dedicated Internet access and nationwide MPLS service.

Having control of the WAN network plus the managed network devices is a huge advantage in ensuring quality of service. The SNMP monitoring is just part of that. Engineering the solution in the first place to ensure that traffic is properly prioritized into classes of service and that there is sufficient bandwidth and minimal latency, jitter and packet loss is what it takes to confidently go with hosted communications services for your important business needs.

Would you feel more confident knowing that your service provider is monitoring not just the equipment at their end, but the entire network back to your facilities? That’s available as a free bonus when you select Vocal IP Networx as your provider. Get competitive quotes for Vocal IP Networx and other high quality service providers for WAN bandwidth line services and hosted VoIP phone service. You may be surprised to find out that you can get higher performance and more reliable service for what you are paying now.

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Note: Image of network operations center courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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