Friday, June 15, 2012

Get a Free Domain Name for a Limited Time

You are thinking of taking your business, blog or organization online or moving off your ISP hosting space to a real web host. Of course, you’ll need a domain name to go along with that. You can buy one at a reasonable cost, but why do that when you can get your domain name for free with your hosting package?

Get a free domain name for a limited time...That’s right. When you choose Dotster Linux hosting, drag and drop SiteBuilder, or Wordpress Blog hosting, you’ll get to register your domain for a year free of charge. That applies to .com, .org, .info, .net, .biz or .us registration. This free domain name deal is a terrific offer, but won’t last forever. You’ll need to place your order before it expires at the end of July. If you’re thinking about doing this, write down this coupon code and be sure to use it when you place your hosting order. The code is: FREEDOM15

I know what you are thinking. You’re suspicious that if Dotster can afford to give away free domain names, then the hosting packages must be pretty expensive. Not so. Basic Hosting starts at $3.75 a month. The name “basic” doesn’t really do it justice. This basic hosting plan is likely all you’ll ever need for many business applications.

Here’s what you get in the way of basic hosting features. Your website disk space is 10 GB. You can build a lot of web pages in 10 GB. You’ll also have 300 GB of bandwidth to support all the visitors that come in each month. This basic package is designed to host a single domain, which you’ll get free, but you also have unlimited subdomains. This allows you to subdivide your website to give it sections or create many different websites on the same domain.

How many different sites? For brochure type static sites, the number really is unlimited. More limiting is the number of email accounts you’ll have, which is 100. You’ll have 5 FTP logins and 10 MySQL Databases.

There a lots and lots more features, which you should check out, that include webmail, anti-spam and anti-virus, PHP5, Perl/Python, web analytics, auto responder, marketing credits for Google, Yahoo/Bing, toll free phone number, and listing. Plus applications like WordPress, Joomla, TikiWiki, Classifieds, Drupal and more. All of these are included in your $3.75 a month basic hosting package.

You can also feel pretty good about this hosting service because everything is run on highly efficient servers with 150% wind energy power offset. It’s green hosting and they’ll even give you an optional wind powered hosting badge for your website.

What if the basic hosting, with all it’s goodies, still isn’t quite enough for your needs? No problem. Move up to Deluxe Hosting, and you’ll enjoy unlimited disk space, bandwidth and number of domains hosted for $6.75 a month. If you need unlimited FTP logins and MySQL Databases, you’ll want Ultra Hosting at $13.75 a month. All these unlimited features and you’re still paying very little for the service most critical to your online success.

Are you concerned that this is such a good deal that rates are bound to go up as soon as the economy takes off? The minimum term is for 1 year. But you can ensure that you’ll keep these rates longer by selecting a 2 year or 3 year plan. Lock in these low prices and you’ll know what you’ll be paying for hosting now and down the road.

Well, there you have it. Low cost feature rich domain hosting from a reliable company that is well known in the industry. Plus... that free domain name! Get all the details, select your hosting plan and get your free domain name included with hosting before the limited time offer expires.

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