Monday, June 18, 2012

A New Cloud In IT Managed Services

Lots of companies are thinking seriously about moving their IT services to managed solutions in the cloud. The next issue is which cloud. How about the new cloud?

Get the latest in cloud resources for your business...NewCloud Networks is a managed service provider that’s been around since 1988. They handle everything from small business voice and data needs right on up to national and international networking.

NewCloud believes in tailored solutions, not fitting your requirements into one of a few options. They’ll customize a server, virtual desktop, hosted VoIP, business email or other solution to match your current and projected needs. They’ll even become your IT department if you need one. Who needs an IT department in the cloud? Companies that are just growing out of the do-it-yourself startup phase or those who have been contracting this work out and frustrated with the quality of technicians they’re dealing with.

The cloud is all about virtualization. Instead of owning or renting specific hardware resources, you pay by usage for virtualized servers, storage and bandwidth to support your businesses processes. There’s a liberating aspect to this approach. You are no longer stuck with too small a solution as your company grows. You are also no longer forced to overprovision to make sure that you have have the capability of supporting seasonal needs and sudden spikes in traffic. When, and only when, you need more resources you add them quickly.

Are you currently hosting your own database, email or CRM server on-site? Is your data center easy to scale and have you taken the proper safety precautions to ensure that your system is protected no matter what? If you are wincing, even a little bit, the cloud may be where you really belong.

NewCloud Networks hardware is carefully contained in their SAS 70 Type II compliant data center with constant monitoring to ensure that your server is running continuously. Each virtual server can be independently rebooted in minutes. Quickly configure and deploy new servers. One physical server may be running several processes or you can run virtual servers across multiple physical boxes.

NewCloud offers Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) service running AppAssure software powered by Dell. This offers automatic verification that your backup is recoverable and that the application data is recoverable with a 5 minute recovery point and near-zero recover time objective. You’ll have both application item and file level recovery. All of this is protected with full redundancy, including data center connection to two separate power grids and two separate Internet feeds.

How about your desktop PCs? Are you always buying new machines and adding resources the ones you have just to keep up? If so, desktop virtualization offers some real advantages. Your actual PC becomes a virtual machine in the cloud where it is easy to turn up more CPU and RAM whenever you need it. You can access this desktop from wherever you happen to be using whatever you have connected to the Internet. All the heavy duty processing is done in the virtual machine.

You may already be sold on moving your IT applications and data to the cloud, but how about your business phone system? That’s right. Your PBX telephone switching can also be virtualized with the same advantages as virtual servers for cloud computing. You’ll enjoy the latest in enterprise communication features without the headaches of having to buy and deploy such a system yourself. You can even include your cell phones in this system. Mobile phones don’t play well with many in-house PBX systems. They fit right into the cloud for seamless communications capability.

Is now the right time to consider a move to the cloud? If you are even curious as to how your particular company can benefit, get expert consultation on the cloud resources available right now from NewCloud Networks and other cloud networking companies.

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