Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Green Hosting Reduces Environmental Issues

Today is World Environment Day, an occasion to give some thought on what we personally can do to reduce our impact on the environment. There’s a temptation to wince when we hear such talk because the next thing you expect to hear is how much you are supposed to give up. What if you don’t have to give up anything? What if you could get more at the same time that you are helping to alleviate environmental issues? Isn’t that the kind of “green” program that you could get behind?

Put the Earth in good hands with green hosting...Of course it is. Everybody wants more for less. Why, we absolutely salivate at the thought. Fortunately for us, there are opportunities to get just that by carefully selecting our vendors. Some care about the environment, some don’t. Just because they don’t doesn’t mean they are going to give us the best deal. In fact, some of the most responsible companies want to include us in the cost savings they achieve through efficiency.

HostPapa is one of those clever technology companies that offers green services at the same or lower cost than non-green. Their service is web hosting. Let me ask you this: “Are you paying more than $3.95 a month to host your website?”

I’ll bet most of you have to say “yes” to that question. Even the budget hosting companies that give you the bare minimum of resources charge more than that. This is no low-end hosting service, however. It’s 100% green hosting with the performance you need to host your site or blog successfully.

Here’s what’s in the HostPapa plan for $3.95 a month. First off, you get a free domain name for life. That’s gotta save you the equivalent of several months of hosting each year all by itself. Next you get unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth. While a personal site might never strain most servers, sudden viral success or commercial popularity can run you out of resources at the worst possible time. Think of the holiday season when everybody is visiting your site, perhaps shopping for gifts. Is that the time you want to run out of bandwidth or find that too many comments have used up all your disk space?

By the way, you get 1 domain name for free, but if you want to add-on other domains to your hosting plan you can do that. Host as many as you have at no extra cost. Many hosting companies make you buy a separate plan for every domain. That includes sub-domains and domain forwarding too. All are included in your plan.

What about other resources like Email? You get unlimited email accounts, POP3/IMAP and Webmail, email forwarding, email autoresponders, email alias, virus scanning, catch all accounts and SMTP with your account. The same is true for databases. This account includes unlimited MySQL 5.1 databases.

You account is controlled by cPanel, the most popular control panel for Linux servers. You’ll have PHP 5 support, web statistics, error logs, 24/7 live support by telephone and chat in multiple languages, plus an online knowledge base and video tutorials.

All of this, and green too. HostPapa purchases 100% green renewable energy, such as solar and wind, to power their data centers, web servers and office power. This is done through green energy tabs or certificates from a certified green energy supplier. By offsetting their carbon footprint by purchasing green energy, HostPapa doesn’t contribute to environmental issues. Wouldn’t you like to join them?

Go ahead and check out the HostPapa $3.95 a month green hosting plan. It’s a 3 year plan that includes one domain name free. You’ll get hosting that you can feel good about, likely with a cost savings over what you current spend for web hosting services.

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