Monday, September 03, 2012

MegaPath Puts Your Complete Office In The Cloud

You’ve been interested in cloud services, but it seems like ordering all those different services and then getting them to work together is more grief than just keeping everything separate. Now there’s a new solution that bundles all the IT services you need to run a small business at bargain pricing.

Save money and gain capability for your office with a complete hosted solution...The thing about smaller businesses is that they don’t have or want to pay for enterprise level technology. The big VoIP phone systems and on-site data centers are ridiculous expenses for companies that only have a few or a few dozen telephones and computers. You may think that the big cost savings are only available through economy of scale. That used to be true, but hosted solutions have changed all that. You can get better pricing, more features and better performance even in a small retail store or professional office.

The magic behind this is called hosting. You might think of hosting as something that powers your website. Up till recently, that’s all that hosting was about. The big change underway is to use the same principles that work for website hosting and apply them to telephone, email, security, data backup and more.

MegaPath Complete Office Solutions bundles scalable voice, data and hosted IT solutions in a package that is designed to increase productivity and save you money. They can do that because MegaPath is a major competitive carrier and provider of IT services. They have massive data centers of their own and can provide you both the hosted services and the business bandwidth to make them work.

That’s important because you need to get to your services in the cloud. If all you have is an unreliable Internet connection or too-small bandwidth line service, even the best hosted services will fail. Get your bandwidth and cloud from the same reliable provider and you’ll have an ally to ensure it all works together optimally.

Here’s what Complete Office Solutions includes. First, you get a hosted voice solution as your business telephone service. Hosted voice means that you no longer have a key telephone PBX system to maintain. All of the switching, including in-house, local and long distance calls are handled by the hosted switching equipment in the cloud. You still have telephones, but they are IP telephones that connect to your company network, not to the telephone company. Your network connection is extended to MegaPath using their bandwidth solutions that are carefully managed to ensure that voice quality is maintained.

By the way, the new telephone sets you’ll need are included in your service price. There is no capital investment required. You pay a very reasonable price per seat per month for everything. You’ll have free use of either of two sophisticated office phones, the Cisco SPA 303G or the Polycom SoundPoint IP 335. These phone give you advanced calling features such as unlimited national calling, call forwarding, call waiting, caller ID, call transfer find me / follow me, HD voice, voicemail and options that include hunt groups, auto attendant and analog faxing.

By the way, this hosted system is easily scalable. That means that you can add seats and even other business locations without the expense and upset of ripping out equipment and installing something with more capacity. All the capacity you’ll ever need is right there in the cloud. All you add is more seats as you need them, any only pay for what you are using.

Beyond business telephone, you’ll have broadband access, 5GB of initial data backup and hosted Exchange email. Hosted SharePoint for collaboration is also available as an optional service. The bundle includes free equipment and free installation. It’s everything you need for a modern business.

Are you ready for a more modern and more integrated office technology solution without the pain of capital investment or the need to get everything working yourself? You may be ready for a cloud hosted business communications solution available on a pay as you go basis. It’s the new way to get the IT and telephony services you need to run your business.

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