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Ethernet over Copper FAQ - Part 3

Ethernet over Copper FAQ - Part 3

Ethernet over Copper bandwidth service may well be the perfect solution to your business needs. Here are some additional FAQs that might help answer some of the questions you may have about this relatively new technology.

Get prices, bandwidths and support for Ethernet over Copper line service...Q: Can Ethernet over Copper be used for business telephone?

A: While EoC is not a direct replacement for traditional analog or ISDN PRI telephone lines, it can be a cost effective upgrade and offer increased call capacity. Ethernet over Copper easily supports VoIP and SIP Trunking because it is a packet rather than channel based line service. EoC offers low jitter, latency and packet loss to preserve voice quality. Many of today’s PBX systems now interface to SIP trunks as well as ISDN PRI to provide multiple outside phone lines at a cost savings. This gives you a wide choice of telephone line options.

Q: Does EoC work for video conferencing?

A: Ethernet over Copper is a good solution for video conferencing because it offers higher bandwidths needed for today’s high definition real-time video along with symmetrical bandwidth that provides the same speed in both directions. EoC also works well for downloading or streaming video.

Q: How does EoC support cloud services?

A: Cloud services over the Internet and by direct connection need higher bandwidth levels, symmetrical bandwidth and low latency. EoC is a dedicated business grade service that supports the cloud communication needs of small and medium size organizations. Larger companies will want Ethernet over FIber to provide the necessary bandwidth to support the productivity of many employees

Q: What is Fast Ethernet over Copper?

A: Fast Ethernet over Copper or FastE is a 100 Mbps dedicated symmetrical bandwidth service that supports the maximum speed of many network devices. FastE is now suitable for even smaller companies that have moved their IT infrastructure to the cloud. While some companies have Fast Ethernet MAN and WAN service brought in on multiple copper pair, Fast Ethernet over fiber optic link is a more popular way to get bandwidths of 100 Mbps or more.

Q: What is a combination copper-fiber solution?

A: Copper and fiber can combine to give you a reasonable bandwidth level quickly while you wait for the higher bandwidth fiber provides but isn’t immediately available. How it works is that you order both a copper and fiber solution from one provider who agrees to cancel the copper contract at no penalty as soon as the fiber is up and running.

Q: When does Ethernet over MPLS make sense?

A: The beauty of MPLS or Multi-Protocol Label Switching networks is that they can transport nearly any protocol of traffic. In fact, they routinely transport multiple protocols without any customer being aware that other customers are also using the network. Ethernet over MPLS often has cost savings benefits, especially over nationwide and international distances. With Ethernet Virtual Private LAN service, you can connect a dozen or hundreds of business sites around the world as if they were on the same corporate LAN.

Are you ready to improve your company’s connectivity or get the same performance you have now at a lower price? If so, you should check availability and pricing for Ethernet over Copper services suitable for your commercial location.

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