Monday, December 09, 2013

MPLS and Cloud Banish The PBX Monster For Good

By: John Shepler

Are you aware that you no longer have to deal with high investment, maintenance costs, staffing and vendor squabbles for your business telecommunication needs? Two technologies have emerged to make those frustrations a thing of the past for all size businesses. They are cloud hosted telephony and MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) networks. Both technologies are valuable in their own right. In combination, they make an unbeatable solution to your voice and data requirements.

Telesphere is a best-in-class provider of cloud-based managed services and solutions for unified communications as a service (UCaaS), especially for companies with multiple locations nationwide. Let’s have a look at the problems businesses need to solve and how Telesphere goes about solving them:

As I’m sure you know, cloud hosted PBX systems have been around awhile and are touted by many vendors. But, are you aware of the extra value that a private MPLS IP network adds to the solution?

Lower end hosted VoIP depends on the public Internet to act as a trunk line between your business locations and the vendor’s facilities. This appears to be a cost advantage since most companies already have broadband Internet installed. Why not just piggyback the phone system on the already paid for high speed Internet connection?

This does work to a degree, especially for the smallest most cost sensitive businesses. The Internet can easily handle voice, data and video simultaneously. Performance is another matter. The lack of resource control and quality of service mechanisms mean that you get what you get and that always isn’t the highest quality your employees and customers have come to expect.

A private MPLS network is engineered to handle the traffic from many customers simultaneously while guaranteeing the bandwidth, latency, jitter and packet loss characteristics you would enjoy from private lines, at a considerable cost savings. Telesphere owns and operates the largest nationwide MPLS IP network of the pure play cloud communications providers. This means that you have one vendor for delivery of your voice, data and Internet services and a system that is set up for high quality, high performance 24/7.

Do you recognize yourself as one of those frustrated users of business communications who have to deal with vendors pointing fingers at each other when things go wrong and that nagging feeling that you are paying too much for too little? It’s time to take a closer look at cloud based unified communications services to better meet your needs.

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