Monday, April 28, 2014

How to Find GigE Connections For Your Business

By: John Shepler

Gigabit Ethernet, or GigE, is becoming the bandwidth connection of choice for many businesses and other organizations. So, how do you find bandwidth services at this level and how can you be sure you’re getting the best deal? Let’s take a look.

Business Quality High Bandwidth
Professional grade GigE services are offered by incumbent and competitive telecommunications carriers. These are high quality fiber optic lines with dedicated symmetrical bandwidth that is low in latency, jitter and packet loss. They generally come with SLAs or Service Level Agreements that guarantee performance.

Legacy SONET Services
Not ALL telecom carriers offer GigE. Some still operate only legacy SONET fiber optic services that are higher in price and less scalable. These include OC-3, OC-12, and OC-48.

Carrier Ethernet Options
Most of the legacy carriers and newer startups with their own fiber optic networks now offer what is known as Carrier Ethernet. This is network Ethernet that has been extended for long haul connections. Typical bandwidth levels are 10 Mbps Standard Ethernet, 100 Mbps Fast Ethernet, and 1,000 Mbps Gigabit Ethernet, called GigE for short.

Ethernet Scalability
You should know that Carrier Ethernet services are very flexible and that you can order nearly any bandwidth you need, with the option to easily upgrade later.

Where Do You Find GigE?
Finding GigE connections can be a challenge if you aren’t involved in doing so frequently. Prices are constantly in flux and generally headed downward. New service providers show up without notice and may offer deals that disrupt the traditional marketplace. How do you know that you’ve found everything available to you?

GeoQuote Makes It Easy
The easiest and most comprehensive approach is to use an automated online tool from a major telecom agency, such as Telarus. Their GeoQuote is patented software that goes out and gathers pricing information from dozens of carriers and presents a comprehensive list of those available for your location. All you do is provide some basic information that the system needs to run the search. Then push the button and wait for the results.

How long does It take?
Usually a minute or so. Sometimes the system needs a few minutes to gather a large range of options. You’ll soon see a table with the appropriate services, including GigE bandwidth, on your browser.

Support Readily Available
You have the option to contact a Telarus product specialist with a toll free call or online inquiry… or have then call you at a convenient time. These agents can help you do the tradeoffs among options, and they have access to limited time special offers that may not show up in the automated system. There is no obligation for this free service.

Discover Your Options Now
Would you like to find out what GigE services are available in your area and what they cost? We have a form at that lets you access the GeoQuote system. You may also call toll free (888) 848-8749 for assistance and discussion with an expert agent.

Click to check pricing and features or get support from a Telarus product specialist.

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