Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Your Desk Just Moved To The Cloud

By: John Shepler

When we think of the incredible progress made during the 20th century, it’s basically employment in three steps: Farm field to factory workbench to office desk. Well, now it’s the 21st century and we’re in the process of making the big workplace move again: From office desk to cloud.

Not Just the Great Beyond Anymore
Perhaps we always expected to move to the clouds someday… once those pearly gates swung open. Turns out that the cloud has come to us much sooner than expected and it's for the here and now. Whatever you’re doing at the moment, it has or soon will have a cloud connection.

Ironically, we’re not going to the cloud at all. We’re staying here and everything else is moving into clouds. The data center? Off to the cloud already. Retail stores? Mostly in the clouds right now. How about your desk? Oh, yes, it’s going to the cloud. Here’s how that will work:

But, Where Do I Sit?
You can sit anywhere you like, stand or even walk and still get your job done. The old desktop came with a tether. Before computers, that tether was the telephone. Then it was the PC. Until recently, there was no getting away from your desk for long because that’s where you had to do everything.

With Desktop as a Service, the PC tether is gone. Smartphones have already cut the phone tether. What’s going to keep you stuck at your desk from now on?

The Great Business Liberation
Employees and business owners are no longer captive Gulivers tied down at the office by an army of electronic Lilliputians. The business is now wherever you are. Actually, the enabling technology and the data that makes your business unique have moved to the cloud. An office building is just a convenience. It’s a place to meet and get in out of the rain. But it’s not a place you have to stay captive all day.

Business Is Wherever You Are
We no longer have to “go to the job.” The job accompanies us. Cloud based communications makes your smartphone part of the company telephone system. UC or Unified Communications combine video, text and voice into a single system that works on any device. Now, desktop as a service makes whatever you had on that big Mac or PC available on your phone, tablet, laptop or phablet. The big difference is screen size, although today’s mobile apps minimize the difficulty of switching from the big computer monitor to the little phone screen.

It’s a Mobile World, Even When It Isn’t
There’s a big push on right now to upgrade websites to mobile capability. Regardless of the implementation, every site has to look good and work on every device. Users are increasingly mobile or at least using mobile devices like tablets even when they are sitting at the restaurant or a client’s office. Even in the same old office you may switch to a wireless device just so you can get up and go down the hall to a meeting without skipping a beat.

Are You Ready to Shuck The Old Desktop?
The final stage in your liberation from the desk may well be DaaS. Are you ready to give your business the flexibility that Desktop as a Service offers? If so, it’s time to check out the benefits of higher performance, reduced maintenance and cost advantages that DaaS can provide your business.

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