Friday, December 21, 2007

Motorola RAZR V3m Stone Razor Phone

The Motorola RAZR "razor phone" series continues to be a highly popular phone series for both business and personal cellphone users. A recent addition is the V3m upgrade in an anodized stone gray finish. It has a classy look, classic RAZR lines, and a host of new technology.

The stone razor phone keeps the aircraft-grade aluminum shell, etched backlit keyboard, and half-inch profile. Technology improvements upgrade the displays to 262,000 colors on the main display and 4,000 colors on the external display. That matches well with the 1.3 Megapixel phone upgrade that still includes 4x digital zoom.

The "m" in V3m stands for multimedia. In the Stone RAZR, multimedia includes streaming features such as on-demand Sprint TV, NFL Mobile and the Sprint Music Store as add-on features. The camera will take short video clips as well as stills. A music player is included that supports MP3 songs and podcasts.

The technology that supports multimedia consists of expandable memory capacity using MicroSD / Transflash format cards if you need more than the built-in 30 MB. It also includes EV-DO cellular broadband capability for downloads up to 700 Kbps.

Of course, the legacy features of Bluetooth wireless headset support, speakerphone, email, SMS text messaging, multimedia messaging, instant messaging and mobile Web browsing are all included. It also looks and feels like a classic RAZR.

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