Monday, December 03, 2007

Who Says You Can't Sell T1 Lines?

You've built a successful business selling business telephone systems or computer networking services, but you still fall short of offering your customers a comprehensive solution. The one thing missing is the PBX trunk lines or WAN network connections. Wouldn't you like a piece of this business, too?

Of course you would, but isn't that the purview of the phone companies? Yeah, that's what they want you to think. When business owners and consultants see that empty jack marked "T1" they often just call the local telco to provide the connection. They also often wind up paying way too much for their line services and the consultants get nothing or maybe some token referral fee for their trouble.

The reason everyone thinks of calling the local phone company is that as the ILEC, or Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier, they traditionally own the first mile connection. That's the copper twisted pairs that run from a punch block in the telephone closet to the nearest central office location. What's not as well known is that industry deregulation has allowed the growth of competitive carriers for everything from dedicated broadband Internet connections to local and long distance services, frame relay or MPLS networks, Virtual Private Networks, and even carrier Ethernet. In fact, some of the larger competitive carriers can now offer fiber connections from their own offices right to the customer without having to negotiate with the ILECs for first mile connectivity.

Now, here's where you cash in. One of the big reasons that competitive voice and data carriers can offer impressive cost savings is that they don't have the thousands of entrenched local sales offices with huge fixed administrative costs. Instead, most of their accounts are provided by independent master sales agencies such as Telarus, Inc., developer of the VAR Network. The VAR Network is an affiliation of independent marketing agents and business owners, such as yourself, who bring customer needs to them. As a VAR Network Partner, you have the opportunity to earn monthly commissions on those line services you give away to the phone company now.

But, wait a second. Aren't T1 and related line services a specialty unto themselves that requires special expertise and relationships with the carriers? You bet they are. But there's an organization already in place with that expertise and relationships. That's the VAR Network. You only need to be able to relate your client's requirements. The rest is taken care of.

Here's an example of how this works in practice. You've just contracted to design and install a new VoIP system, including running the network wiring and jacks, installing the handsets, and configuring the IP PBX system. You know that your customer needs a dozen outgoing phone lines and maybe 50 DID or Direct Inward Dialing numbers plus Caller ID for all phones. You probably also know that a T1 PRI trunk line is probably the best match for this situation, but there may be other solutions that are also attractive. SIP Trunking is a newer service that may also fit the requirements. You don't need to research that yourself. All you need to do is go into your VAR Network back office and put in a request for quote for a voice line that meets your customer's requirements.

Next, a line services consultant will call you or your customer (your choice) to refine the requirements further and suggest possible options. Detailed price quotes for several competing services will be sent by email. If the customer likes the price and terms, the consultant will send the appropriate carrier paperwork and help you and/or your customer to get it filled out and signed. After a credit check, the lines will be provisioned and turned up. Billing will commence and commissions will be paid. Part of the monthly commission check will be sent to you.

Yes, it's that easy. You've got clients that need line services. Carriers have lots and lots of bandwidth to sell at very attractive prices. You might as well step into the income stream and start collecting those commissions.

And you thought you couldn't sell T1 lines. Or Ethernet WANs or Gigabit Ethernet. Or managed routers. Or any of the many other services that are perfect for your customer's needs. Well now you can. It won't cost you anything to sign up, either. This opportunity doesn't cost, it pays. Learn more and sign-up at VAR Partner site before any more of those lucrative line service opportunities slip through your fingers.

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