Monday, January 14, 2008

Cut Your Telecommunications Costs 50%?

What business doesn't want to cut costs? With the economy softening, cost savings that were always important might now be vital to the health of your organization. How would you like an easy and painless way to save hundreds, even thousands of dollars every month without having to sacrifice value? There might just be that much potential sitting there unrealized in your monthly telecommunications bills.

So how can you expect to make such a dramatic cost savings on services that you expect to be buying at market rate? Simple. The market rate has changed, mostly because the market has changed.

I'm going to make the assumption that your enterprise is large enough to be using at least a T1 line for telephone and/or Internet service. That's usually true for all but the smallest business locations and home office users. Many companies now use a T1 or T1 PRI line for their PBX telephone systems and at least a single T1 line for dedicated Internet access. Larger companies will have high capacity lines, such as DS3 or SONET OCx fiber optic service.

I'm also going to assume that you've been under contract awhile with the same vendor, probably for years. Often, your telecom service supplier is the local telephone company. Traditionally, the incumbent telco has been the go-to service provider for everything from analog landlines to high speed data lines. But, are you getting the best value for the money spent?

This is where the market has changed. Dramatically. There is now more competition than ever before, especially from newer regional and national network carriers. There is also a new tool, called GeoQuote (tm), that makes it easy to get quotes from over a dozen carriers with one online request. The more carriers that vie for your business, the lower the price gets.

Another dramatic shift in the marketplace is the introduction of new technical options such as MPLS networking and Carrier Ethernet. Both of these services are the result of an industry move from traditional TDM core networks to IP networking. Competitive carriers really shine in this area. That's because they don't have the legacy investment in TDM networks that saddles the telephone companies.

So, what savings are realistic? T1 line service prices have plummeted over the last few years and may be as little as half what you signed up for on your last contract. This is especially true in metropolitan markets where the competition is intense. Even more dramatic is the cost savings per Mbps of bandwidth for Ethernet versus DS3 or OCx service. If your building or a nearby one is already lit for fiber optic service, switching to Ethernet can easily result in bandwidth cost reductions of 50% or more.

This potent combination of new competition, better search tools, and new technology offerings really does offer the opportunity for dramatic cost savings without having to sacrifice performance or reliability. A few minutes of work, literally, may well result in thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars in savings for your company every year. Take that few minutes now to get an instant online service quote to compare with what you are now paying.

Please note that our team of consultants has access to the latest special offers and services not yet integrated into the GeoQuote tool. Be sure to request that they call you with this additional information.

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