Friday, February 15, 2008

Your Cell Phone IS Your Business Phone System

You can go out and invest in a big PBX telephone system, but what sense does that make for an independent professional? If you make your living on the go in sales or consulting work, that phone in your pocket may be all the phone system you really need.

Let's face it. There's not much point in having clients or suppliers call you at the office if you are never there. If they call your mobile number, you'll be sure to get critical calls no matter where you happen to be. You always have the option of letting calls go to voice mail. But at least you don't have to trudge across town to get your messages off the answering machine.

Your cell phone is already a business phone. Adding a few enhancements can make it a business phone system.

One inexpensive and easy to implement service is the Kall8 toll free service package. Why toll free? Toll free numbers, with prefixes like 800, 866, 877 and 888, let people call you long distance at your expense. That's especially important if you deal directly with the public. Some people think twice before they'll make a long distance call because they don't want to get a big bill for the minutes. The bill probably won't amount to much at today's long distance rates, but the reluctance to call is still there. If your sales area covers two or more states that can easily cost you customers.

For just a couple of bucks a month and the per minute cost of the calls, you can have a toll free number that you assign to your cell phone. Your client dials the toll free number with confidence because they know that no matter how long they're on the line, you're picking up the tab. Your cell phone rings and your Caller ID can tell you either the caller's number or that it's your toll free number coming in.

This is a programmable service, so you can log-in with a Web browser wherever you have Internet access and tell the system which phone to ring for incoming toll free calls. If you are going to be in your office, change the setup to ring that phone instead of your cell. Or not. You also get voice mail that you can program to pick up after a certain number of rings. Or not.

Kall8 makes your phone a conference phone. You can hold conference with up to 25 participants. Participants dial you toll free number to join the conference.

Now here's something that road warriors will really appreciate. Your toll free number is also a FAX number. When someone sends you a fax, you get an email with an image of the FAX message attached. Check your email at a coffee shop or hotel room and you'll get your FAX messages on your laptop computer. You'll also get email notifications of any calls that were picked up by voice mail. You can listen to them on your computer without using cell minutes.

Your toll free service also works in reverse as a calling card. Just call the number you use to check your voice mail messages and you can make outgoing long distance calls at the same low rate.

All this for a couple of bucks a month and the cost of calls? Many toll free numbers are instantly available so you can get set up with this service in a matter of minutes. Learn more and get your toll free business number now.

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