Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Do You Have The Instinct For Covert Ops?

Do you have what it takes to be secret agent? Do you know Jack? Jack Bauer, that is. You watch his moves on the Fox series "24". Don't you fantasize about being right in the action with that crew? Well, fantasies are good. What you need is access and a special phone, of course. That phone: The Samsung Instinct.

Samsung Instinct phone. Click for special discount pricing.The Instinct phone from Samsung in special agent black (what else?) is one of a new generation of cell phones that give you more features than ever before. It starts with an extra large high resolution touchscreen color display. You'll have confidence that you are making the right selections because this screen provides tactile or haptic feedback in the form of a slight vibration when you press the screen or use the stylus.

A screen with the ability to display over 262,000 colors needs an equally powerful digital camera, don't you agree? The 2.0 Megapixel camera that is built into the Instinct has a resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels. That's good enough to print as well as send to your friends. With multimedia messaging you can take and receive both picture and video messages. Your videos are captured in QVGA resolution at 15 frames per second using the MPEG4 format. How long can you record? That's limited only by the amount of available memory. The expandable memory slot lets you load microSD cards to make sure you have enough.

The Instinct is also an Internet connected device. It operates on the Sprint EV-DO Rev A network, the really fast one, with downloads up to 3.1 Mbps. That's better than many DSL and Cable broadband services. What do you need this level of speed for? To watch Sprint TV, for one thing. You can also browse the Internet with full HTML support and the tactile user interface experience. Your QWERTY keyboard appears on-screen with virtual touch keys.

Any agent worth his or her salt needs voice communication, Internet access to download building plans and other documents, and navigation to avoid getting lost. The Samsung Instinct has built-in GPS to take advantage of Sprint Navigation Services, so you'll always know where you are in the action.

Now that you know about the Instinct, you've got to have one for yourself. Right? Well don't pay retail when with a little research you can get an excellent discount. Here's a clue: Learn more about the Samsung Instinct with Sprint PCS service and order yours online at this site at a price we won't share with any bad guys. Note: Evil doers, go buy your phone in a store.

Fans of the show "24" have a special Operation Instinct site available from Fox to download screen savers and get weekly sneak peeks beamed to your Sprint phone. There's also a training maneuvers game and a sweepstakes where you can win prizes related to the show.

Not into the whole special agent thing or just want to shop around for the best deals on cell phones? No problem. You'll find the Instinct and many others available at special discounts, some even free, at Cell Phone Plan Finder.

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