Friday, July 17, 2009

With Hosting You Get Domains

How much would you like to pay for, say the next 3 months, to host your web sites? How about nothing?

That's right. You'll pay nothing, nil, nada, el-zippo when you take advantage of the summer 2009 promotion being run by 1&1 Web Hosting. In case that's not good enough, they'll throw in domain names for free. Still not good enough? How about business hosting for $9.99 a month? How about developer hosting for $19.99 a month? How about free software to really seal the deal?

Free software? What kind of free software?

It's the software you need to build and promote your website. Even the simplest beginner hosting plan, which goes for a measly $3.99 a month by the way, gives you the online 1&1 WebsiteBuilder. If what you want is a good looking Web site really fast, then you'll be up and running within the hour with your own content.

Upgrade to the family and hobby site plan that runs $4.99 a month and you'll get a CD ROM of specialized software that includes photo editing, GIF animation, site submission and ranking, and FTP for uploading files to the server.

Now, upgrade to the business hosting or developer hosting plans and, in addition to the jaw dropping amount of storage and bandwidth that come with these services, you'll get a premium software suite with Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0, Adobe GoLive CS2 for website design plus the software included with the family and hobby site plan.

Oh, you thought you had to go out and spend a fortune for those programs so you could design a really professional website? Put your money back in your pocket. You can get your hosting package, domain names, and design software for less than what you were going to spend on software packages.

So, how about those domains? With 1&1 hosting packages you get at least 1 domain included. You don't have to pay registration or renewal fees as long as you keep your hosting. The beginner package comes with 1 domain, which is about all a beginner should be attempting anyway. The home and hobby hosting offers 2 domain names. The business package offers 3 and the developer hosing gives you 5 domains at no charge.

Want more than that? Right now, you can get .com, .net, .org, .info, .us and .biz domains for just $6.99 a year. That's just through August 31, so you best hurry to get in on that bargain rate.

Clearly, 1&1 has deals going that are far superior to run of the mill hosting and domain name registration services. But then, they always do. Get all the details and sign up for your amazingly low cost web hosting packages with free domains while these specials are in effect.

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