Monday, July 20, 2009

DS3 Router Included With Service

Are you thinking about upgrading your voice or data bandwidth? DS3 service will give you 45 Mbps for both upload and download. That's enough for bandwidth intensive uses such as video transfer, medical imaging or call center operations. But what do you have to do about getting a DS3 router to make the connection to your network?

Relax. DS3 is a mature technology and equipment is readily available. Prices for DS3 service are coming down, too. With more and more companies making the jump from T1 lines to DS3 bandwidth, you should find implementation fairly straightforward. In fact, there's a new DS3 option available that you might want to consider. It's line service with a managed router.

Why a managed router? For one thing, it gets you out of the business of having to manage DS3 connectivity yourself. If high bandwidth telecom circuits are your expertise, then by all means order the cheapest DS3 circuits you can get and handle the interface and service issues yourself. But if you'd rather not be in the middle of a finger pointing exchange between the telecom carrier and the router manufacturer, consider staying well out of that loop.

A managed router is one that is provided by the carrier who transports your DS3 signal. The router is installed on your premises and connects to your network through your own switching and routing. The port to your network is demarcation point where you take responsibility. On the other side, including the DS3 router itself, the service provider takes responsibility for the equipment and line operation.

The beauty of this arrangement become apparent even before a piece of gear in the carrier's network fails or some ham fist chops through an underground cable. The managed DS3 service provider monitors the circuit to and including the DS3 router on your premises. If something goes wrong in the middle of the night, they'll find out about it right away and perhaps have service restored before you know it ever went out.

Managed router service is growing in popularity as companies are forced to run with thinner IT staffs at a time when they are getting involved with higher bandwidth line services as technology advances. You can often get a router included with both T1 and DS3 services, if you wish. In many cases, the competitive environment will hold the cost down so that you'll pay little if any premium for this extra service.

If managed router service is of interest or you just want to see if you can save money before you renew your existing line contract, check DS3 service prices quickly and easily now.

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