Monday, August 03, 2009

Palm Pre Sets You Free

If you’ve been wanting to move up to a smartphone but nothing has caught your fancy yet, take a look at the Palm Pre for Sprint. It’s got all the goodies you want in a full-function mobile communications device and it’s available at special online pricing.

Palm Pre for Sprint, shown open.The much anticipated Palm Pre features an all new Palm WebOS and an advanced user interface. Your applications run in a multitasking environment, meaning you can have several of them going at the same time. You don’t have to close one to open another. Just swipe your finger to move among the activity “cards.”

As you might expect, a phone this powerful needs a powerful network as well. The Palm Pre runs on Sprint’s EVDO Rev A network to give you 3G Internet speeds wherever possible. You can also connect with WiFi hotspots using 802.11 b/g connectivity for even faster speeds.

The styling of the Pre is smooth and curved rather than sharp and angular. It looks and acts like a touchscreen PDA phone when closed. But slide it open to reveal a full QWERTY keyboard with real keys, not images on a screen. You’ll find this a joy for text messaging, instant messaging, using Email, and surfing the Web using a familiar desktop-type Web browser.

Yes, the Palm Pre is also a cell phone. The curved design makes for a comfortable fit against your ear. I suppose you can also use one of those Bluetooth earpieces, but then you won’t be showing off your new Palm Pre, will you?

What other special features are inside the Pre? How about a high resolution 3 Megapixel digital camera with LED flash? How about a music player that supports the popular standard formats? The pre gives you a standard 3.5 mm headphone jack as well as the ability to listen wirelessly on an A2DP Bluetooth stereo headset. You can also watch streaming media such as Sprint TV and You Tube, or listen to Sprint Radio or Pandora for endless tunes.

There is also GPS for Sprint Navigation so you can get turn-by-turn directions and mapping. You won’t be able to get lost with this device... unless you want to.

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