Tuesday, February 16, 2010

RingCentral Makes Your Office Mobile

You know what an office is, right? It’s got a desk, a chair, carpet, maybe walls and maybe dividers, all bathed in glorious fluorescent light. Well, not anymore. With RingCentral, your office is in your pocket. You don’t sit in it, you take it with you.

RingCentral Mobile is a low cost telecommunications service that lets you take your business anywhere. That’s important when you could miss an important call just because you’re out of the “office.” You won’t now, because you and the office are always together.

This service is just the thing for anyone who isn’t literally chained to their desk. That’s just about anyone in sales, technical consulting, or running a home based business. Mobile phones have given us the ability to cut the telephone cord. Smartphones added the capability to cut the broadband cord. RingCentral Mobile takes advantage of this freedom to enable your cell phone to be your office phone.

How does it do that? It’s starts with a special local phone number or toll free number that goes directly into the system. The “system” is RingCentral’s virtual PBX business telephone system. It’s all hosted and maintained by RingCentral, so you don’t have to buy any equipment or worry about maintenance procedures. What you get is the power of an office phone system without the headaches of owning one and without the limitations of being tethered to a landline based phone system.

Since this is a complete business phone system, only virtual, it is designed to accommodate business with only a single employee or as many employees as you want. They are all interconnected by this virtual PBX system. That means there is no need to round everybody up and make sure they sit cheek to jowl in the same room all day. The employees using this virtual office can all be on the go anywhere in the US or Canada. That’s one BIG office space, isn’t it?

The RingCentral virtual PBX can have a toll free or local main company number. An automated attendant, also known as an auto-receptionist, will take care of directing incoming calls that aren’t directly dialed to a particular employee. Of course, if you can’t take the call immediately it will go to your personal voicemail. You can set up answering rules so that callers will be directed to voicemail, extensions and alternate phone numbers based on the data and time or Caller ID as well as which number they are calling. If you need to put them on hold, play some pleasant music or an informative recording so they won’t be drumming their fingers as they wait.

Each RingCentral number can be used for both phone calls and fax messages. Unlike some services, you can send and receive faxes using nothing but your computer or cell phone.

Why continue to limit your business activities to the confines of a bricks and mortar office, when you could be free to visit clients or work from wherever makes sense at the moment. With RingCentral Mobile, no one needs to be the wiser unless you elect to tell them. But why do that and risk them getting jealous of your personal freedom? We’ll keep it our little secret.

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