Monday, April 26, 2010

Ethernet Over Copper Can Be A Lifesaver

You know how it is when you are caught in an impossible situation? One of the worst is when the very life of your company is at risk due to some unforeseen situation and there appears to be no way out. It’s at times like these that a clever solution can be a real lifesaver.

Metro Ethernet over Copper Service. Click to find for your location.Here’s a potential scenario. You needed only a limited amount of bandwidth when you started your venture. In fact, a T1 line seemed like more than you really had use for. But you went ahead and installed the service. The years of reliable operation proved this to be a wise decision. But recently your business has developed services that need far more bandwidth than your trusty T1 line can provide. You do the logical thing. You call your service provider and say that you are ready to upgrade to DS3 level service. Problem solved?

Not so fast. Your T1 service provider can double or triple your bandwidth easily. But no way can provide you with anything above about 10 Mbps. If you need 25 or 50 Mbps, you’ll need fiber optic service. Sadly, there is no fiber to your building or even on your street. They’ll be happy to bring in new fiber service, but you’ll have to wait months and come up with tens of thousands of dollars in construction capital.

Now you are faced with a real dilemma. You can come up with money and wait for provisioning or go looking for a location that is already lit for fiber optic service. Both solutions are going to be expensive and time consuming. That delays the launch of your service and puts your company at financial risk. Just getting a loan to tide you over is dicey these days. Is this a hopeless situation?

Not yet. There may be another option available that can solve this problem quickly and with little or no construction cost. The potential solution is Ethernet over Copper service. You are already getting your T1 line over copper wiring. That same twisted pair bundle can be used with special terminal equipment at each end to transport a newer protocol service called EoC or Ethernet over Copper. Depending on how far you are from the nearest carrier point of presence, you can get anywhere from 10 to 50 Mbps using the same copper pairs that carry analog telephone conversations now. Since the wiring is in place, all that is required is to install special terminating equipment at your location and turn up the service.

It’s fast. It’s generally the lowest cost bandwidth per Mbps available. It installs quickly. Could this be the lifesaver your business needs? Find out what Ethernet over Copper service is available for your business location.

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