Friday, August 27, 2010

Are You A Sentio Being?

You are a perceptive individual, the kind who senses when technology is on the move. You always want to be in the game. You know when the price point is right to get the greatest value from your purchase. That time is now. Enter the LG Sentio, a high-value free smartphone.

LG Sentio smartphone. Click for details and offer.How can high value and free go together? It’s partly a matter of jumping into a technical advance at the right time and partly knowing where to shop. Shop online and you’ll be surprised at how much technology you can get for your dollar.

Let’s take a look at the slim and stylish LG Sentio for T-Mobile. This is a 3G touchscreen phone with a 3 Megapixel digital camera that can capture and send video as well as stills. It has integrated GPS support for location-based services like TeleNav and Google Maps. Social networking is also built-in so you can track Facebook, MySpace and Twitter while you are on the move.

What’s different about this smartphone, compared to touchscreen models in the same class, is that the Sentio comes preloaded with fun widgets. You’ll get Need For Speed, Guitar Hero 5, Bubble Bash 2, Millionaire, and Pac-Man ready to use. When you get tired of those, download other games, ringtones and graphics from the mobile Web.

Something else that comes with your Sentio is an international charger. Why would they include on of those? Well, you might just be traveling internationally and need to top off your battery from time to time. Many phone are useless overseas because they don’t work on the international cellular networks. This one is set up for T-Mobile and is compatible with the GSM 850, 900, 1800, 1900 and UMTS 1700 and 2100 bands. It has HSDPA and EDGE data download speeds, depending on just what is available where you happen to be.

As one who must stay connected, you’ll be happy to know that the included email client supports POP, IMAP, SMTP and Web-based email services like AOL, Yahoo, Windows Live and Gmail. You can instant message with AIM, MSN Live and Yahoo services. Of course, standard SMS messaging is also available. So is multimedia messaging for sending pictures and video messages.

Need to kick back with some tunes? The built-in MP3 player will oblige. It handles MP2, AAC, AAC+ eAAC+, WMA and MPEG4 formats. You also have the option to stream stereo music to and from compatible A2DP Bluetooth devices.

Do you sense a high value opportunity here? If so, learn more and order your LG Sentio for T-Mobile Wireless now. If you wish to keep on shopping, you can browse by carrier or check out today’s specials for free and low cost cell phones at Cell Phone Plans Finder.

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