Wednesday, August 19, 2009

T1 Lines For MPLS Access

Businesses that need to connect multiple locations together are turning more and more to MPLS networks. To get access to the network, they are finding that T1 lines are often the best solution. Here’s why.

An MPLS network, which stands for Multi Protocol Label Switching network, can be thought of as a private version of the Internet. As a privately owned network, the MPLS operator can ensure that your applications will have the bandwidth and quality of service to run reliably. Security is also easier to achieve, since the MPLS network is available only to serious businesses that buy the service.

An MPLS network is designed to be a cloud that is configured to connect only those locations that you specify. Your service is generally set up to be any-to-any connectivity. But you also have the option to limit which locations can directly connect to the others in your operation. This is handled completely by the MPLS provider. What each location needs is a solid and secure connection to the network.

That’s where T1 lines come in. A T1 line is basically a point to point connection. Many business use these to connect two offices together. The T1 bandwidth is available for your exclusive use. It is not shared with anyone else.

True, one end of a T1 line can terminate at an Internet Service Provider to give your organization dedicated access to the public Internet. But that far end of the line can also be connected to an MPLS network. That will give you direct access with reliable bandwidth to the MPLS network cloud.

Each of your business locations needs its own T1 line to connect to the MPLS network. This is often a fairly limited distance and most MPLS networks have POPs or Points of Presence in many major metropolitan areas. The network itself will often span a regional area or the entire country. Some MPLS networks now connect internationally to serve businesses with foreign offices.

You could create your own private network by setting up a router at your main office and running point to point T1 lines from there to each of your remote locations. But you’ll probably find that it is less expensive to make use of an MPLS network with T1 lines for access to the network. Check T1 and MPLS prices and availability to see what is most cost effective for your needs.

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