Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Palm Treo 680 Crimson Smartphone

You love the Palm Treo line. Now get ready for the new Treo 680 Crimson smartphone. It runs the Palm OS 5.4.9 on an Intel 312 MHz PAXA270 processor. You get a 320 x 320 pixel TFT touch screen display with stylus and a backlit QWERTY keyboard. Why settle for a non-PDA smartphone when you can have a real Palm?

This Treo is designed for productivity. It will sync to your computer tethered by cable, by infrared or Bluetooth. Microsoft ActiveSync syncs your corporate email. You'll be able to both read and edit Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. You can also read PDFs.

In addition to VersaMail Email software that supports conventional Email and VPNs, you can browse the Web using the Blazer Web browser that supports full HTML, SSL, JavaScript, cookies, bookmarks and frames. It's like a desktop browser, only a bit smaller. Of course both text and instant messaging are also supported.

The Palm Treo 680 Crimson includes a VGA quality digital camera with 2x digital zoom. Just what you need to grab those impromptu photo opportunities. The camera will also work in video capture mode with movie length limited only by the available memory. The Treo 680 comes with 64 MB built-in but expandable via MMC SD and SDI card formats.

Don't forget that this Palm is more than a PDA. It's also a full capability cell phone running on the AT&T Cingular network with quad GSM network compatibility. Data download supports EDGE cellular broadband for up to 144 Kbps download speed. You get speakerphone, voice memo, picture Caller ID and Bluetooth wireless headset support.

As a final sweetener, this Palm includes an MP3 player. The included PocketTunes software lets you listen to Mp3 music and podcasts in rich stereo.

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